Vid-Sure Video has been been shooting weddings and receptions since the early 1980s and we specialize in capturing your special day. We have packages that include arriving at the bride’s home before the ceremony starts in order to get special moments during preparation that the bride is usually too busy to remember. For weddings, we recommend the SILVER STANDARD package because of the advantages that two cameras gives in shooting a wedding. However, if the single camera STANDARD package meets your needs we are more than happy to provide the service.

Here are our packages:


This is four couples that only need to have the wedding ceremony captured.  We start shooting when the bride pulls up to the church, the entire ceremony, shots at the church afterwards, and any location shooting by the photographer after the couple leaves the church.  DVD is approixmately 1 hour long.  Single camera only.


Our base package starts with full coverage at the church and reception. Shot with *one* digital 14:9 (widescreen) camera, we will capture the full ceremony starting with the bride arriving at the church and concluding with the wedding party leaving in the motorcade at the conclusion of the ceremony. We put a wireless lapel mic on the groom for good audio pickup during the vows and, if time allows, we will conduct a short intervew with the groom and best man before the ceremony starts. Again,if time and opportunity allows, we will take candid shots of the inside of the church and mix it to music and put special video filters on it (this is not always possible if the church doesn’t have their lights turned on and their candles lit in time tog et the footage). If your photographer takes shots after the the ceremony at the church, Vid-Sure will take candid shots of it and put it to music. VidSure will also capture all of your special moments at your reception including the arrival at the reception hall, cutting of the cake, first dances, and other special moments. You will receive an edited DVD disc in a wedding DVD album case. Approx 3-4 hours viewing.

SILVER STANDARD (**Recommended**)

As with the standard package above,we do full coverage of the church and reception but Vid-Sure uses *two* videographers and two 14:9 widescreen cameras so that you receive a true *multi-angle* product on DVD. Since we use two cameras, we have the flexibility of taking more specialized camera angles and mixing them in with the more normal shots. This is not normally possible in the STANDARD package above since there is only one camera used. Special shots of the outdoors and indoors of the church are mixed to music and special glows and filters are added and mixed in while your guests are arriving and leaving. Once at the reception, we capture all the special events listed above plus we conduct interviews with your guests and the wedding party. You will receive an edited DVD disc in a wedding DVD album case. Approx 3-4 hours viewing.


Includes SILVER STANDARD but opens with a photo montage of the bride and groom done with various transitional effects and music backgrounds (aka “Ken Burns” style photo effects). Includes up to 40 childhood-growing up photos. Video ends with slow motion recap of the days events.


Includes GOLD MEMORIES and includes location shooting the the bride’s home prior to the ceremony. Done in slow motion and with special effects to enhance the emotional impact.


Includes everything in the DIAMOND package plus location shooting between ceremony and reception. More black and white and special effects. Final product is packaged in a printed album case plus an extra two copies of the wedding for the bride and groom’s parents.

***Vid-Sure goes to all dress rehearsals so we are aware of how to best position our cameras.***

Drone/Air Footage

DJI Phantom DroneVid-Sure Video also has a drone and for an additional charge, we can provide footage from the air during your entrance and exit from the church.  We can also take footage from the air when you go with your stills photographer offsite when you leave the church in your limo.  Please see our Drone Services for more information.