Photo Montages

If you are like most people, you have a collection of poloroid, film negatives, or other legacy photographic media in albums and books that were in use before modern DSLR cameras came along and smart media cards became available. Vid-Sure is able to digititize these albums and transfer them onto CDs or DVDs so you can view them online or through your computer. We offer two packages for this:

We scan in all photos or slides, color correct or re-touch the images and display one picture at a time on your screen. We are also able to animate the picture with random pan and zoom effects. Music of your choice can also be inserted into the movie.

This includes the standard package but instead of using random pans and zooms in 2d space, the pictures will be hand animated, special effects, and 3d animation added to enhance the look and feel of the images being presented.

We are also able to some photo restoration on your photos or slides.  Here is a sample:

Once your media is in our computer, we are able to produce a STANDARD or DELUXE slideshow on DVD (see descriptions above).  Here are two samples of each: