Conversions to DVD


635646036076302737-vhs-tapesWith all of the video formats that have evolved over the years, Vid-Sure is able to covert your legacy media format (VHS video tape, 8mm film, slides, etc.) over to DVD so that you are able to view your media on currently available DVD players or computers.

8mm, Super 8MM, and 16mm Film Transfer to DVD

8mm_reelVidSure Video is able to convert your 8mm and Super8mm film reels over to DVD in house. With projectors becoming increasingly hard to find and purchase, don’t lose your family memories because you don’t have the necessary projector.

All conversions are done in-house and NONE of your precious memories are sent off site.

Contact us and we can move these precious memories over to DVD. Here is a sample of our conversion process:

While the picture itself is in the old style 4:3 aspect ratio, we can create a widescreen DVD for you (see example above) or simply provide the footage the in the 4:3 aspect ratio. We can also put a music background of your choice or simply have a film projector sound effect if that is what you prefer.

Film Size Comparison Chart

Diameter of ReelFootage
7 Inches400 Feet
6 Inches300 Feet
5 Inches200 Feet
3 Inches50 Feet
This table shows the different size film reels and the total length (in feet) for each.

Simply measure the diameter of your reel and compare it to the chart above to determine how many feet of film you have.

35MM Slide to DVD Transfer

We convert 35mm slides to DVD.  Here are some samples of the conversion process:

Once converted, we can provide them on a CD in a JPG format if you want to use them on your computer (for printing) or we can put them on a DVD as a movie that will work on any DVD player of your choice.  Here is a sample of the movie format process:


black_cassette_tapeVid-Sure Video is also able your convert audio cassettes and vinyl records to CD.